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Email is an important aspect of business. Here at MailCircuit we understand this and strive to bring you, the customer,
the very best in Business Email Hosting Services. We also realize that today’s businesses need to have a reliable, scalable,
solution that will not only give you the peace of mind in knowing your email is with a reliable email service provider, but
also a solution that can give your corporation the collaboration that it needs to streamline your communications
between your employees.

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We jam packed our email hosting plans to include unlimited storage, super easy configuration and mobile push so that you can pick up your email and keep it synced from anywhere in the world!

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Easily sync your email, calendar, and contacts across your mobile and desktop.

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Unlimited Storage


Never back up and email again!

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Share your contacts and calendar entries & increase productivity

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A feature set that is unsurpassed, offering calendar sharing, group collaboration and much more..

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Technical Overview


MailCircuit’s network offers unparallel service and speed for your Email Hosting needs…

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With superior Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus systems, you can rest assured that your email…

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Why Mailcircuit?

Mailcircuit has been a trusted email hosting and Anti-Spam Brand for over 15 Years.

  • Uptime of 99.99%
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Less Spam
  • Easy To Use
  • Cutting Edge Webmail
  • Excellent Support

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We Take Spam Mighty Seriously¬Ö

Mailcircuit revolutionized the anti spam industry with the first 100% Spam Free Email Service using the Challenge and Response technique.

Today we pride ourselves on utilizing leading edge systems that deliver less spam and with less hassle for the average email hosting customer.